Stoltz Site Spreaders are designed for dust free loading and rapid, accurate spreading of high volumes of cementitious and pozzolanic materials such as cement, flyash and quicklime.

Standard truck bodies include a 15 ton (half tanker) body as well as two versions of our 27 ton (full tanker) body. Customers have a choice between our 15 ton truck body and a specially designed 27 ton body.

Site Spreaders feature a hydraulically driven 30” wide conveyor chain that discharges into a spreading auger. The spreaders are configured with your choice of automatic or manual controllers, which govern the material discharge from the hopper. The spreading auger is then manually adjusted to achieve a level spread pattern.

Loading dust is controlled by your choice of a low maintenance filter canister installed at the back of the truck, or low cost “pop-up filter bags” installed on the roof.

Note that Site Spreaders are also referred to as cement spreaders or lime spreaders.

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