Our forklifts represent high performance for exceptional value, and utilise electronic controls imported from Curtis in the USA

In 2007, Shantui Construction Machinery Co. Ltd decided to put its construction machinery production prowess behind a new line of products, somewhat removed from road construction - Forklifts.

The gambit is starting to pay off some handsome dividends as the product line is quickly moving up the ladder in terms of domestic market share in China. Some models are also seeing a rise in exports, with Shantui Construction Machinery Co. Ltd exporting more than a thousand units in 2010, out of its total production of slightly more than 5,000 units.

The real story, however, may be the relative speed with which Shantui Construction Machinery Co. Ltd built the forklift line into a mature product category virtually overnight. In a short three years, it already makes a well-rounded set of six different models with several variations within each model category. The machines range in size from 2-ton to 10-ton. They come in both electric and diesel versions.

As with other products new to the company’s product offerings, Shantui Construction Machinery Co. Ltd provides the structural parts, while most of the other parts are bought from top brand name suppliers in China. The exception is the electronic controls, which are imported from Curtis in the USA.

Several of the models are Tier III compliant, depending on engine or motor type. They all come with optional, optimal lift heights.

Overall, the forklift line is another clear demonstration of Shantui Construction Machinery Co. Ltd’s unrivalled value proposition: HIGH PERFORMANCE FOR EXCEPTIONAL VALUE.

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