Based around a tipping body, there are not many tasks the Multi Purpose Unit cannot perform.

Aggregate spreading

Aggregate spreading via eight (8) pneumatically activated gates. Gates selected using eight (8) ball valves and are remotely operated via switch in the cabin of vehicle. Aggregate spread rate is adjustable via manual knob on left hand side of vehicle.


Showing unit side tipping. Emulsion system fitted to platform behind cab complete with laser etched stainless steel control panel fitted with regulator, pressure gauges and air purge controls. Lockable emulsion ground fill with safety interlocks ensures tank is safely vented before fill valve is opened. 

Flow control

Removable clear tipping shovel hopper and eight (8) gate aggregate spreader. Shutter gates control flow of material from body to shovel bin/spreader.

Height adjustable

Shovel hopper is hydraulically lowered to provide an ergonomic shovel height and hydraulically raised to prevent material loss when travelling.

Any type of roadwork

  • Have the ability to do any type of road work with the Paveline Multi Purpose Unit.
  • Based around a tipping body, there are not many tasks the Multi Purpose Unit cannot perform.
  • Use it as a straight tipper, patch potholes, spray sealing from 300mm to 2400mm wide and MUCH MORE!!! 


  • Heavy duty steel automatic rewind hose reel with 12mm R1 wire braided hose complete with aluminium hand lance.
  • Controls are located in the cabin controlling PTO hoist on truck and trailer, tail gate locks, trailer brakes, dolly lock.
  • Air compressor live drive.
  • Sign rack fitted between cab and body.
  • PPE Equipment locker and Cone rack.
  • Amber beacons and "Road Patching with lights flashing" sign.
  • Broom/Tool rack for storage of brooms, shovels and stop/go bats.


  • 200 litre pressure Water System
  • CCTV - rear viewing camera fitted to rear of vehicle with 7" colour monitor in cab.
  • Hands free communication system from cab to rear of vehicle.

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