Paveline’s Cogen Series Asphalt Maintenance Unit is a solution to the high cost of asphalt repairs and provides a sustainable OH&S outcome by automating the discharge of asphalt!

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  • The Paveline Cogen Series has an elevated conveyor fitted with telescopic "SMART CHUTE" minimising manual handling. The SMART CHUTE replaces side conveyor and is standard equipment on all Paveline Cogen units, and can place material 400mm outside the wheel line of the truck, both left and right.
  • Load cell weighing is used to set maximum load capacity with flashing warning on control screen and buzzer if legal GVM is exceeded.
  • Integrated paver is designed to work in conjunction with SMART CHUTE to pave in widths from 300mm to 2800mm. Hot air headed screed. High frequency vibration gives professional results.
  • High temperature hot air heating system pre-heats hopper and can maintain product temperature overnight if required. Either stand alone or plug in 45V. The Cogen system utilises all the heat off the power source optimising fuel use. Additionally, integrated 27kW power source provides all the heating and hydraulic requirements for the unit allowing for truck and transmission to be chosen that best serves the driving environment, i.e. Manual, Automated Manual, Fully Automatic.
  • Paveline's standard heater filter unit is a stainless steel in-line heater filter providing continuous self-cleaning and prevents tip clogging. Supplying warm emulsion and eliminates kerosene cleaning. There is NO kerosene or diesel flushing with Paveline's self-cleaning emulsion system.


On-board Paving System

Light weight asphalt paver screed has adjustable width (200mm to 3200mm) and height. Hot air headed screed carried on rear of vehicle. High frequency vibration gives professional results. It takes only minutes to set up for a job!

Integrated hydraulic creeper drive, drives vehicle at low speed (0 to 3km/hr). Driver simply puts vehicle in neutral and engages the creeper drive. The SMART CHUTE is used to evenly place asphalt in front of the paver using a remote control for the asphalt conveyor, creeper speed & positioning of the SMART CHUTE.

Elevated discharge conveyor

ELEVATED DISCHARGE CONVEYOR is fitted with telescopic SMART CHUTE which minimises manual handling and allows asphalt to be placed exactly where you need it.

Remote control smart chute

REMOTE CONTROL SMART CHUTE can place material 400mm outside the wheel line of the truck, both left & right, & up to 1 metre behind the vehicle.

Smart chute

SMART CHUTE minimises shovel use & increase productivity as material can be quickly placed where needed with minimum manual labour.



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