The Paveline Autopatch was the first "single operator" blower patching machine built in Australia. The first machine was built in May 1999 and has since been the top selling machine in Australia.

The Paveline Autopatch was the first produced "single operator" blower patching machine built in Australia. The first machine was built in May 1999 for Wingecarribee Shire Council and has since been the top selling blower patching machine in Australia.

The Autopatch has radically improved performance and productivity for pothole patching when compared to other blower machines or other methods of road patching, leading to the lowest price per square metre achieved in the industry.

Road maintenance can be done from a climate controlled cab where the operator is protected from the extreme heat of summer and cold of winter or the pouring rain.

Fast and accurate - Paveline's positive displacement has the proven record of complying with the RMS specifications of no more than 43 loose stones per m2 outside the patch area!


  • Paveline self-cleaning emulsion system
  • Full in-cab control of all functions
  • User friendly controls
  • Blower patching from an "out front" boom
  • Unique Paveline 'whizzer' for accurate, level patches
  • Wide Sweep – directs the nozzle airflow parallel to the ground towards the outside of the road. Any loose material can be air swept off the road at the flick of a switch.
  • Quality finish


  • Productivity up to 4m3 per hour for pothole patching - unsurpassed!
  • Lowest cost per square metre of road patching in both wet and dry of any machine available.
  • Higher Production rates - from crack sealing to major repairs the Autopatch’s superior production, which the operator can adjust at the turn of a knob, gives maximum productivity (up to 4m3 per hour) all the time.
  • Easy Upgrade Available– Paveline has been responsible for all productivity improvements in blower road patching machines in Australia in recent years, therefore, we are able to incorporate features into our machines now so they can accept attachments later. A major factor at trade-in time!!
  • Increased safety
  • Lower labour costs
  • All weather versatility
  • Operator satisfaction


All Autopatch units utilise the truck live engine PTO and load sensing hydraulic systems instead of an auxiliary engine to power the patching machine in the same way as concrete agitators have done for several years. This has many obvious advantages over using an auxiliary engine:-

  • reduced maintenance
  • greater power levels
  • lower tare weight = more carrying capacity

170 l/min flow rate can drive any optional equipment, proofing your machine for any future upgrades.

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