Crack sealing is the first line of attack in a pavement maintenance program. Done properly it can add 5-7 years or more to a pavement's lifecycle.

Studies indicate that the longest lasting method is performed in 3 steps:

  1. Prep the Crack with either a router or random crack saw. This opens up the crack, creates a reservoir and preps the edge for better bonding. Rout or Saw? The most common approach is Saw Concrete, Rout Asphalt.
  2. Clean the crack with dry, clean compressed air or for the best results, use a Heat lance. A heat lance removes not only dirt but moisture and vegetation. The heat lance also heats the old surface which helps in bonding with the new sealant. THE CLEANING PROCESS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PROCESS.
  3. Seal the crack with a quality Polymer modified brand name rubberized hot-pour sealant. Hot-pour sealant is proven to last up to 10 times longer the cold applied products in flexible pavements.

The MAGMA GEN IV is the latest in a long line of melter/applicators from Cimline. The GEN IV incorporates the best features of the Metro, MAGMA, and Matrix into one high performance platform. With three capacities to choose from, the MAGMA GEN IV meets your job requirements.

Digital Flow Control- Provides smooth, even material flow no matter what volume or sealing tip is required. With pump speeds less than 25RPM’s and virtually no back pressure, packing leakage is minimized and pump life is extended.

Auger/Agitator- Ensures even mixing and eliminates temperature stratification in the tank. Unobstructed Internal Machine Recirculation ensures superfast heat up and recovery times.

Auto/Manual Operation- Choose the operation that works best for your application; manual operation allows the user to operate the pump and agitator. When in “Auto” mode, the digital control system takes over. When the three green lights are on, the GEN IV is ready to work.

Easy-to-read Gauges- Standard on all MAGMA GEN IV models are the newly redesigned 33 gallon diesel and hydraulic tanks. Each tank is equipped with easy-to-read fuel and hydraulic temp/level gauges for ease of use and maintenance.

Integrated Air Compressor- For the ultimate in convenience and efficiency, add the optional integrated air compressor. This hydraulically driven, 70 cfm rotary screw compressor provides all day performance. Add the optional hose reel for even more operator convenience.

GEN IV MAGMAs are equipped with the new “No-Drip” ergonomic wand. The robust aluminium design makes crack sealing an easier process. A special ball valve is located at the tip to virtually eliminate dripping between cracks. The backward/forward motion minimizes repetitive turning associated with most wands.

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